Every order provides women in shelters with a safe space to exercise and trauma-informed fitness training

Why is safe access to exercise so important for women in shelters?

It’s well known that exercise benefits the body, but it also plays a key role in trauma recovery. There is a chemical change in the body during exercise, with endorphins rushing in to relieve pain, reduce stress, and boost happiness. However, many of the women who need these benefits most do not have a safe place to work out or the proper equipment. It takes incredible strength to seek help from a shelter, and Alta is commited to helping these women continue to grow stronger.

How Every Order Helps

With 5% of the profit from every order, we help women’s shelters address their individual health needs. Depending on the shelter’s unique needs, Alta provides fitness equipment, trauma-informed training, and/or healthier food. We don’t have a cookie-cutter donation package; we work closely with each shelters' directors to find ways to make the biggest impact for the women in their shelters

What exactly is trauma-informed fitness training? 

Trauma-informed training is an approach to fitness that is sensitive to their past experiences. Trauma doesn't just live in the mind—it is held in the body, in every cell. It changes the way we feel on every level, and can make us feel disconnected from our bodies. Those who have experienced trauma have a unique set of needs when it comes to exercise, so it’s important that fitness trainers create programs that are approachable and supportive.

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